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2018 Newsletters

Date Title Download
November 2018 Trinity Times (Download PDF)
October 2018 Trinity Times (Download PDF)
September 2018 Trinity Times (Download PDF)
August 2018 Trinity Times (Download PDF)
June/July 2018 Trinity Times (Download PDF)

More newsletters upon email request to the Trinity Office

sermon SAMPLER

Date Note Download Preaching
11/11/18 Sermon (Download mp3) Sally Hughes
11/4/18 Sermon (Download mp3) Sally Hughes
10/21/18 Sermon (Download mp3) Elizabeth Gilliam
9/30/18 Sermon (Download mp3) Sally Hughes
11/5/17 Trinity's 75th Anniversary (Download mp3) Sally Hughes
9/10/17 Love and the Imprefect Church (Download mp3) Sally Hughes

More sermons upon email request to the Trinity Office